Frequently Asked Questions
How can I get a library card?
Bring a picture ID and proof of your current Massachusetts address to the Circulation Desk and fill out an application. Cards are issued right away and can be used the same day.
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Does it cost anything to get a library card?
No, library cards are free. Replacements for lost cards are $2.

Can I use my card from another library at Forbes?
Yes, if the library is a member of our central/western Massachusetts network, C/WMARS.
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How many books (or movies / DVDs / CDs / audiobooks on CD or tape) can I check out?
How long can I keep the items I borrowed?
What happens if I'm late returning my books?
What if I lose an item or my dog destroys it?
Please see the borrowing policies here.

Can I renew books online?
Yes, just log into your account or see the instructions here.

Can I pay fines with my credit or debit card?
Yes, here are the instructions.

What if I want a book (or DVD / book on tape, etc.) that Forbes doesn't have, or you have it but it's out? Can I get it from another library?
Yes, you can reserve anything in the C/WMARS catalog, and we will notify you by email when it comes in.

Do you have computers I can use?
Yes, we have public workstations which you can use for internet access, word processing, scanning, and most standard office software. You can use them on a first come/first served basis or sign up ahead of time by calling Information Services at 587-1012.

Do you have wireless internet?
Yes, here are the details.

Can I eat or drink in the library?
Yes, in most areas, as long as you keep things neat.

Do you use the Dewey Decimal system?
No, the books at Forbes are arranged in the Cutter Classification System. If you need help finding something on the shelf, please ask!

Can I access books and articles from my home computer?
Yes, you can download audiobooks, e-books and videos with your library card. You can also search databases of newspaper, magazine and journal articles, and print them out or email them to yourself.

How can I find out what's happening at the library?
Check our online calendar for the schedule of events and programs for children, teens and adults.

Who designed this building?
Forbes Library was designed by architect William Brocklesby in the Richardsonian style.
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