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April 2-29   Pysanky Eggs by Marion Abrams
Paintings and Handmade Lamps by Karl Knapp
Miniature Paintings by Melissa Caldwell
Paintings: Original Illustrations by Monica Vachula
May 1-28   Northampton High School Student Art Show

Karl Knapp

Pysanky Eggs by Marion Abrams
Paintings and Handmade Lamps by Karl Knapp
Miniature Paintings by Melissa Caldwell
Paintings: Original Illustrations by Monica Vachula

April 2-29, 2014
Reception Saturday April 5, 2-4 PM

Lamps and Oil Paintings by Karl Knapp

"The lamps usually start with something that catches my eye in the woods, like a rotten tree branch or a piece of root structure from a fallen tree. After wire brushing the rotten parts, there's often something interesting left to build with. Driftwood can also work, and I've used a lot of wild grape vines also. For the translucent shades, I use mulberry paper, which is made in India and Thailand.

"The oil paintings were done in the last year and a half, begun in a class I took at the Hill Institute in Florence by local artist Rey Milici. (Highly recommended.) They're from photographs I've taken around town and elsewhere." --Karl Knapp


Marion Abrams

PYSANKY: Ukrainian style batik eggs by Marion Abrams

"I have been learning and teaching art and multicultural crafts in the valley for the past forty-five years. I'm always learning new crafts to introduce to children and as soon as I was introduced to this Ukrainian batik process, I loved it. It has elements of many of my favorite crafts. Like pottery, it is ancient and round and breakable. Like jewelry, it is precious and small; and like watercolors, it uses transparent layers of color.

"As is the centuries old tradition, I only make PYSANKY for a few weeks each spring. The process is very simple and magical. I happen to start at the very beginning by raising the chickens who lay the eggs, then, all you need is some colors of dye, beeswax and a simple hand-made tool.

"Some of the one hundred eggs I've created this spring are filled with cultural symbols, some of the eggs literally have something to say, and some of them are just (I hope) interesting and pretty to look at." -- Marion Abrams


Monica Vachula

Noah Webster: Weaver of Words: Oil paintings by Monica Vachula

Monica Vachula, a native of Hatfield, MA, is a graduate of Smith Academy and Smith College, where she majored in Art. Her paintings, prints and drawings have been exhibited in numerous one-person and group shows, and have received numerous awards in juried competitions. She has been affiliated with the Francesca Anderson Gallery in Lexington, MA for more than 30 years. Her work is in many private and public collections.

Monica has illustrated several books, including Tea With an Old Dragon: A Story of Sophia Smith by Jane Yolen, Paul Revere's Ride by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and Noah Webster: Weaver of Words by Pegi Deitz Shea, which was the recipient of a Connecticut Book Award, as well as other commendations.


Melissa Caldwell

Miniature Paintings and Baskets by Melissa Caldwell

Melissa Caldwell's acrylic landscapes are truly miniatures: two or three inches square, exquisitely detailed, they sit on tiny easels or hang in delicate frames.

"Painting miniatures is relatively new artistic outlet for me, but feels like an extension of my affinity to tiny objects and figures and creating small vignettes that tell a story. My paintings are generally landscapes, from the point of view of great distance so objects such as buildings and trees, appear in the background, if at all. I enjoy contemplating clouds, and find their endless variety fascinating. Is it fair to say you could recreate a cloud of any color and shape and diversity and know that it has existed somewhere on this planet? Painting has become something I rush to for a period of time, and run away from at others.

"My baskets are studies in functionality, shape, texture, and my mood, with most emphasis on usefulness and not decoration. I was happy to discover this winter that my 16 pound cat, Vinny, found a basket "bowl" in the living room a perfect place for his daily siestas!"--Melissa Caldwell

Northampton High School Student Art Exhibition

Olivia DeLisle

May 1-28, 2014
Reception Friday May 9, 5-7 PM (Arts Night Out)

Hosmer Gallery is proud to present the work of Northampton High School art students for the month of May. Student work from classes in Foundations of Art, Drawing & Painting 1, Ceramics 1 & 2, Graphic Design, Honors Art 1-4, and Woodworking will be displayed. NHS has an outstanding art program led by teacher Lisa Leary, and many students have won awards for their work.

Sample works and their artists:

Swan drawing by Jace Hill. He is a senior and will go to the School of the Chicago Art Institute in the fall. Jace won an Honorable Mention for his portfolio this year in the Boston Globe Scholastic.

Line drawing portrait by Isabelle Page, drawn with a stick and india ink. Isabelle will attend Cooper Union in the fall. She was accepted Early Decision. She is the 3rd NHS student to be accepted since 2005 at this highly competitive school: Cooper Union receives 1200 applicants and accepts 60. Isabelle also won the Congressional Art show last year and has had her artwork hanging in the Capitol Building in D.C. all year. She also won first place in the UMass Dartmouth New Talent student Art show.

Abstract painting by Olivia DeLisle. Olivia won an Honorable Mention for her portfolio in the Boston Globe Scholastic this year.

Black & white illustration by Clara Flynn. Clara attended a school in California over the summer for animation. She won a Silver Key in the Boston Globe Scholastic this year.


Isabelle Page

Clara Flynn

Jace Hill

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