Support Forbes Library on Valley Gives Day

December 12, 2013

The Valley Gives season is when we have the opportunity to reach out and ask our fine community for their generous support. Throughout this past year we've been raising funds for a reliable, fully functional elevator. In addition, we aim to continue to purchase children and adult material and provide the best programming possible. The Forbes Library is a place for education, enrichment and entertainment.

Forbes Library is one of the hundreds of nonprofits participating in the second annual Valley Gives Day scheduled for December 12, 2013. Valley Gives is an innovative online fundraising event that encourages individuals to donate as much money as possible in support of their favorite charities in just twenty-four hours.

Throughout the day, donors will be randomly chosen and your gift may be amplified with a Golden Ticket adding $1,200 in support of our organization (more than 80 different nonprofits will receive this bonus). At the end of 24 hours, the nonprofits that have raised the most money, and those that have the most unique donors, will be rewarded with special grants from a prize pool of $200,000.

To maximize Forbes Library's success on Valley Gives Day, we need you to help us with these things:
  1. Mark 12.12.13 on your calendar and bookmark our Valley Gives page.
  2. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and help build excitement for Valley Gives by using the hashtag: #ValleyGives.
  3. Help spread the word! Let your family and friends know why you support the library's need for a new elevator, and why they should give on 12.12.13.