Election memorabilia wanted

Northampton election memorabilia wanted for exhibition

Coolidge campaign fan

Do you have any memorabilia of a past election in Northampton?

This Fall the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Library & Museum will have exhibits throughout the library featuring archival material, photographs and artifacts of past elections. Calvin Coolidge's elections as City Councilor, State Representative, Mayor, State Senator, Lieutenant Governor, Governor, Vice President and President will be the centerpieces of the exhibitions. We are also looking to include memorabilia from other Northampton elections for any city office from one year ago to one hundred or more years ago. Forbes Library has equipment in house to scan and reproduce items such as photographs, campaign buttons, bumper stickers or small signs. Scanning will allow you to go home with your item as well as a digital version of it on a CD. The Library will then use the scans to make reproductions for the Community Room walls. We also seek to formally borrow items that will be in locked exhibit cases in climate controlled staffed areas and insured by the Library.

Coolidge-Dawes campaign pin


Contact Archivist Julie Bartlett at 413-587-1014 or for more information.