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Applications for use of display space will be honored on a first-come basis. Organizations based in Northampton or serving primarily Northampton residents which have not used display space within the past year will be given priority.

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I, the applicant, have read and understood the Forbes Library Display/Exhibit Policy and my group agrees to abide by said policy and its guidelines. By clicking the Submit button below, the applicant agrees to be personally responsible for any infractions thereof and to assume all responsibilities indicated in the regulations. I provide the aforementioned materials for exhibit at the Forbes Library for the time period indicated. I understand that the Forbes Library accepts no responsibility for the preservation, protection or possible damage or theft of any item displayed or exhibited and that all items are placed on display at the owner's risk.

Submitting the online application does not confirm your display/exhibit. We will process it as soon as possible and contact you by phone or e-mail to confirm.

After clicking the "Submit" button, use your browser's "Back" button to return to this page.

You can check library hours, and the online events calendar to see whether anything is already scheduled on the dates you have in mind.

Contact/questions: Lisa Downing, 587-1017

For use of the Hosmer Gallery, use the Hosmer Gallery Application Form.