Library Cards

How to get a library card

Protecting Your Privacy, or Why we always need your Library Card

For your protection and security, your Library Card is the preferred mode of accessing your account. Forbes Library and the CWMARS library consortium are dedicated to maintaining the privacy of individuals' accounts. Therefore we ask you to have your card ready when processing all transactions.

In addition-

  • Using your card indicates you approve of each item checked out on your account (Remember - Library Cards are not transferable, even among family members!)
  • Using your card assures its proper usage within the CWMARS system of 100+ libraries.
  • Having your card allows library staff consistent workflow and our ability to serve you better; our backup circulation system is numeric-only.
  • Using your card assures your security and privacy - Forbes Library adheres to the policy of the American Library Association which states that friends or family members, including parents and their children, may NOT access each other's accounts. Forbes Library does not discriminate by age regarding this privacy policy.
  • Having your card is necessary for access to Forbes Library internet reservation system as well as telephone renewals.

You will need your library card number to access your account online; therefore if you have lost your card, please report it immediately. Replacement cards are $2.00 for plastic keychain.

Renewing Your Expired Library Card

Did you know that your library card has an expiration date? As a full member of the CWMARS library consortium, the Circulation and Children’s departments of the Forbes Library are responsible for maintaining your contact information. For those persons who are on-campus resident students, the expiration date normally is at the end of the academic year. For out of state patrons, it is one year. And for all other patrons, it is two years. You can see what your expiration date is by logging in to your own account.

At the time of renewing your library card, we will ask you to confirm the information you gave to us when you first registered. For your security, we can accept this information in person only, never via telephone, fax or email. (An exception is made that you may update your email address yourself online).

If you are attempting to access your account via the library’s website and find that you cannot renew or request items, take a look at your expiration date, which is prominently displayed. Call either the Circulation Dept. (587-1011) or the Children’s Dept. (587-1010) and we will gladly renew or request material for you. Then at your very next visit, we will renew your card. If you cannot find your card, the Circulation Dept. will sell you a new card; we now offer plastic cards in both the standard and key-chain style for $2.00.