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This page is devoted to resources to help you find good books to read. And remember, if Forbes Library does not have the book you want, we can get you a copy through our regional library system!

Need some ideas on what to read next? We can make you a personalized reading list.

Links and Guides from Forbes

Recommendation Engines

These websites not only maintain large catalogs of books, but suggest books using clever algorithms based on user or cataloger supplied data.

  • NovelistPlus (login with your library card number)
    Use your Forbes library card to access this reader's advisory service: contains lists, reviews, feature articles, and more. Search by authors, plot lines, series, reading level, etc. NovelistPlus has large database of non-fiction titles searchable by subject, genre, tone, writing style, audience, and other criteria. (For Forbes Library patrons only. Patrons of other C/W Mars libraries may use the basic version of Novelist which is limited to fiction.)

  • LibraryThing
    An online service to help people catalog their books easily, LibraryThing is also a great tool for finding good books to read. Includes user submitted ratings and reviews, crowd sourced tagging, and a powerful recommendation engine.

  • Tagomatic
    Find a book or tag a book yourself using this community created index of Books, Bands, Movies, and Web Sites that is void of genres. Everything is indexed by what it is similar to.

  • Gnooks
    Gnooks suggests articles using an artificial intelligence suggestion engine that learns from its users.

  • Booklamp
    A project of the Book Genome Project, Booklamp helps you find books similar to a chosen book.

  • LitLovers
    We're all about books—and book clubs—because both enrich our lives. LitLovers is packed with great resources to enhance your book club experience. Whether you're selecting & reading—or thinking & talking—about books, this is the place.
    What can you do on LitLovers? What can't you do! Find a book. Find a review. Find a discussion guide. Take a course. Whip up a recipe (to match your book, of course)! Buy a gift for your host one for yourself. There's so much to do—and so much fun—you won't want to leave.

Reading lists

These websites feature lists of books grouped by theme or genre. For reading list created by Forbes Library librarians see our Reading Lists page.

  • Overbooked
    A non-profit Web site, run by a librarian in her spare time. Includes themed book lists and some author read-alike lists. Many lists are of genre-fiction with crime fiction being a favorite.

  • ATN Reading Lists
    A large collection of reading lists, ATN (All Together Now) Reading Lists focusses on children's literature but includes some lists of books for adults as well. The ATN Reading Lists site is a wiki, and anyone can contribute.


These websites are devoted to books in particular genres. You may also want to check out our Reading Lists for particular genres: Biography and Memoir, Chick Lit, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Mysteries, and Science Fiction.

  • All About Romance
    Romance read alike lists from Jennifer Crusie to Nora Roberts to Janet Evanovich. Lists for every romance reader.

  • Stop You're Killing Me
    A wonderful resource for mystery lovers! Here you can search for mysteries & mystery series by author, character name, location, historical period, occupation of the sleuth, award winners, and more. There's also news of upcoming titles.

  • Crime in the City
    NPR has assembled this great group of audio reviews of outstanding mystery/suspense authors whose stories take place in cities. This is only part of the NPR "Books" section, which is worth exploring overall.

  • Crime Thru Time
    A web site dedicated to Historical Mysteries, with information about upcoming releases, series/author book lists, timelines, and links of interest.

  • Fantastic Fiction
    Comprehensive site with author bibliographies, series, awards, genres, and information on over 200,000 books.

Series Fiction

  • What's Next
    The What's Next database helps you search series fiction. A series is two or more books linked by character(s), settings, or other common traits.
  • Fiction DB
    Contains author bibliographies, series fiction lists, book descriptions, multiple search options, and a place to keep track of your reading.

Award Winning Books

  • The Literary Award Database
    This site ranks over 11,000 creative works honored by some of over 180 book awards, film awards, and music awards.

  • List of Literary Awards on Wikipedia
    A very large list of literary awards on Wikipedia. All the listed awards have pages on wikipedia, many of which include lists of current and past winners.

  • Massachusetts Book Awards
    From the Massachusetts Center for the Book.


Blogs about books selected by Forbes Library librarians.

  • Early Word
    Daily updates on hot new titles from Nora Rawlinson, whose motto is "Give 'em what they want." Great site for best seller lists.

  • The Neglected Books Page
    A fascinating website dedicated to books that have been neglected (mostly unjustly, though some deservedly). Its motto: "Where forgotten books are remembered."

  • The Official Website of Nancy Pearl
    Famous librarian Nancy Pearl's blog for book lovers.

  • The One Minute Critic
    This librarian has been posting quick video reviews of books, of many types although he favors genre fiction like mystery and science fiction. He invites others to submit One Minute Reviews, though most are still by him. An interesting format for getting reading ideas!
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