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!!! [[#HospitalRatings]] Hospital Ratings

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!!! [[#HospitalRatings]] Hospital Ratings

'''My Health Care Options: A resource from the Massachusetts Health Care Quality and Cost Council (HCQCC) '''\\\\
This Massachusetts web resource interprets ratings from other recognized organizations and incorporates some new ratings from the Massachusetts health care database.\\

'''Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services'''\\\\
Find information on how well hospitals care for patients with certain medical conditions or surgical procedures. The results come from patient surveys about the quality of care they received during a recent hospital stay. This information will help you compare the quality of care hospitals provide. You can find and compare up to three hospitals at a time.\\

'''Commonwealth Fund'''\\\\
Free performance data on hospitals nationwide from a private foundation. The site incorporates data from Medicare's patient survey and hospital quality measures. The site creates scores based on overall quality measures. You can compare scores to national and state benchmarks.\\

'''The Joint Commission'''\\\\
Free site of the Joint Commission, a nonprofit group that inspects and accredits most hospitals in the U.S. The site allows you to compare hospitals based on information from the Commission reports. Inspections occur every three years.\\

'''Leapfrog Group'''\\\\
Free ratings from a nonprofit employer-advocacy group. The Group compares hospitalsí performance on the national standards of safety, quality, and efficiency. The results are based on annual voluntary surveys completed by the hospitals.\\

'''U.S. News & World Report'''\\\\
Free online rankings of over 5,000 hospitals in 16 adult specialties and 10 pediatric specialties to help you find the one that's best for you and your family.
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