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Using a mouse

If you are a beginner using a computer, the following links will help you learn the basics of using a computer "mouse". These links will take you to websites that lead you through a series of exercises using the computer mouse. You learn to click on images and text, scroll down or across a web page, select items, double click, and drag windows.

Mousing Around
A computer mouse tutorial posted by the Palm Beach County Library System, Palm Beach, Fla.

En Español: "Ejercitando con Mi Ratón" puede enseñar a cualquier persona cómo utilizar el "mouse".

Games to practice your "mouse" skills
Now that you know how to use your computer mouse, play some games to improve your skills.

Practice Games
A variety of games using mouse skills, posted by the Palm Beach County Library System, Palm Beach, Fla. Games include: Battleship, Checkers, Concentration, Gopher, UFO Attack, and more!

An online Jigsaw Puzzle where you choose the level of difficulty from a simple 6 piece cut to a challenging 247 piece cut. You can choose from many pictures and puzzle cuts.

Keyboarding skills

Learn to type and test your skills.

Learn to type online...
Free online typing tutorial. Learn where to place your fingers and how to type. Practice your typing skills and take a speed test.

BellaOnline Online Typing Tests
Practice typing with the classics. Typing passages include Pride and Prejudice, Moby Dick, and Hamlet. These tests will tell you how many words you type a minute and how many errors you make.

Computer Basics and Applications

The following links will teach you the basics of how to use your PC or Macintosh and work with various computer applications, including Word and Excel.

Computer tutorials based on pictures, not words
Step-by-step tutorials showing pictures of what to do and how to get started in various applications and programming languages. Tutorials include: Microsoft Office products, Openoffice products, and web layout and programming languages.

Technology Tutorials - Internet4Classrooms
Step-by-step technology tutorials for technology commonly used in the K-12 classroom. Tutorials include: Excel, Powerpoint, Word, Dreamweaver, and how to use Mac and PC operating systems.

Online Tutorials - Baycon group
Tutorials include different versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Flash, and the different operating systems.

Free Computer Tutorials from Home and Learn
Tutorials include basics in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Web Design, Javascript, Visual Basic, .NET, Visual C#, .NET, PHP, and Java.

Searching and evaluating what you find

Learning how to do research on the Internet can be daunting at first. The following links will help you begin your research and evaluate sources.

Google Search Education
Live trainings, search tips, daily search challenges, and lesson plans, from Google.

ICYouSee: T Is For Thinking
Guide to critical thinking about the Web and evaluating Web resources.

Finding Information on the Internet: A Tutorial
Learn how to find information on the Internet. Learn to judge the information you find.

Library Tutorial – Sacramento City College – Los Rios (PILOT)
Self-guided course in sophisticated searching. Tutorial includes how to begin your research, what sources to use, how to access library resources, and how to do a search. Be aware that this tutorial was created for Sacramento City College students. Accessing databases and the catalog is different for users of Forbes Library. Contact our reference department if you would like help accessing our resources.

Computer terminology

What's a wiki? What is an RSS feed? Find out on this online computer dictionary. The Webopedia is frequently updated as technologies evolve. The definitions are meant to be easy-to-understand for users.

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