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The Invisible Web is the portion of the World Wide Web that is not indexed by regular search engines. It includes dynamically generated content, websites that require users to sign in, and content which has been deliberately hidden from search engines. Content in digital libraries is often part of the invisible web.


A librarian built virtual library of scholarly internet resources relevant to faculty, students, and research staff at the university level.

Open Directory Project
The largest human-edited web directory.

Complete Planet
Find databases with highly relevant documents that cannot be crawled or indexed by surface web search engines.

Digital Libraries

Five College Archives Digital Access Project
A digital archive of historical materials available through the 5 college consortium.

Sophia Smith Collection
Women's online history materials at Smith College.

International Children's Digital Library
A Library For the World's Children.

Library of Congress American Memory Project
"American Memory provides free and open access through the Internet to written and spoken words, sound recordings, still and moving images, prints, maps, and sheet music that document the American experience."

Online Books Page
Books available free online from UPenn.

NYPL Digital
New York Public Libraries digitized versions of rare and unique materials.

Documenting the American South
University of North Carolina's digital library initiative with "access to texts, images, and audio files related to southern history, literature, and culture. Currently DocSouth includes ten thematic collections of books, diaries, posters, artifacts, letters, oral history interviews, and songs.

Best of the Web: Digital Libraries

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