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MathWorld An extensive mathematics encyclopaedia maintained by Wolfram Research.

PlanetMath A collaborative mathematics encyclopaedia with entries written and reviewed by its members.

For students

Ask Dr. Math Students submit questions to Dr. Math, answers are sent back by e-mail, and the best questions and answers organized in a searchable archive organized by grade level.

The Khan Academy Short instructional videos mostly focused on math, economics and science, with a bit of test prep and humanities mixed in.

AAA Math A set of simple interactive math lessons for elementary school students. Most of are on arithmetic (addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc.) but there are also some simple geometry and statistic lessons.

A Plus Math This site includes a "homework helper" which will check your answers to arithmetic problems without giving away the answers and a "flashcards" program for practicing your arithmetic skills.

WebMath This site from Discovery Education generates answers to math problems and includes the derivation so you can see how it's done.

For teachers

Illuminations A website from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics with lesson plans, online activities, links to web resources, and more. Geared to K-12 teachers.

Teacher's Place at the Math Forum Project ideas, problems, forums, discussion groups, and lesson plans for mathematics teachers teaching K-12 or adult education.

Math Lesson Plan's from Math lesson plans for elementary school teachers, including lesson interdisciplinary lessons that cross over into other subjects. "HotChalk's is a collection of over 4,000 lesson plans from Preschool through High School and beyond, that were developed by Kyle Yamnitz, students and faculty at The University of Missouri, and more recently by the users of this website.

Paper Models of Polyhedra Several hundred paper models of polyhedra, with photographs and printable templates. (This site could probably appear under the For Fun section as well!)

The Geometry Page Some simple activities/lessons on diverse geometrical topics including tessellation, symmetry, the golden mean, and topology.

Manipula Math some clever online gadgets for illustrating concepts from geometry, calculus, linear algebra and a wide variety of other topics.

Quia - Math A searchable collection of hundreds of teacher submitted online math games and quizzes.

Math Maven's Mysteries - Teacher's Guide A guide for teacher's using Math Maven's Mysteries logic puzzles, which are available for free on the same site. (For 3rd-5th graders.)

K-12 mathematics resources from the Mathematics Archives A nice collection of links to internet sites which contain significant collections of materials which can be used in the teaching of mathematics at the K-12 level.

For fun

Archimedesl Laboratory This site describes their collection of mathematical recreations as "braintainment". This site also includes a fun section on optical illusions.

Math and Logic Problems Galore Fun math and logic problems for kids, teenagers, and even mathematicians.

Math Playground Math games, logic puzzles, and videos for elementary and middle school students.

Math Maven's Mysteries Logic puzzles from (Intended for 3rd-5th graders.)

Figure This Figure this provides "Mathematical challenges for families provide interesting math challenges that middle-school students can do at home with their families." "Want to learn how to quickly square a number that ends in 5? Or how to tell if a number is divisible by 3? Or maybe you'd like to learn how to calculate square roots by hand?" If tricks like this interest you, then check out this site.

Ivars Peterson's MathTrek Archives A collection of Ivars Peterson's MathTrek articles from the Mathematical Association of America. These are accessible, entertaining diversions in the vein of Martin Gardner.

Frequently Asked Questions in Mathematics from the usenet group sci.math.

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