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Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts (AEMMA)
This Canadian organization hopes to "resurrect the combat skills, philosophies and principles of an accomplished European Medieval martial artist." This site features a manual of training techniques based on medieval texts, with photos, illustrations, and video clips. Discusses drills, sparring and fencing, grappling, dagger training, jousting, horsemanship, and related techniques.

The Domesday Book Online
In 1086, William the Conqueror commissioned a land survey to assess "the extent of the land and resources being owned in England at the time." This site intends to show the history of that survey, which became the Domesday Book, and give an insight into 11th century life in Great Britain. Features a list of every settlement existing in 1086, timelines of the book's creation, a biography of the King William, a glossary, a FAQ, place name origins, and related links. Searchable.

Feminae: Medieval Women and Gender Index
This searchable, annotated index "covers journal articles, book reviews, and essays in books about women, sexuality, and gender during the Middle Ages." Over 8,000 records from more than 450 journals, beginning in 1992, are included. Materials in English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian are indexed. There are also a few links to related sites.

Grey Company Trebuchet Page
A trebuchet is a siege engine used in medieval times, also known as traction trebuchet, perrier, petraria, war wolf, coulliard, bricole, and "the witch from whose head the ropes hang like hair." This Australian site shows historical depictions of this "leverage artillery," photographs of current working models, and information on how to construct one for yourself.

This searchable site features timelines of events in Great Britain from 800 to 1499. "Maps show the locations of castles, abbeys, and cathedrals in England, Scotland, and Wales. Every person and building on this site has its own timeline and links to related subjects." Includes a glossary of terms, information on architectural styles, and three-dimensional images of buildings. Parts of the site do not display properly in Netscape.

Treasures in Full: Magna Carta
"On this site you will find one of the British Library's two copies of Magna Carta, issued by King John's chancery in 1215." Also features background about this document that "established for the first time a very significant [English] constitutional principle: that the power of the king could be limited by a written grant," and an English translation of the Latin original.

Bodleian Library Image Catalogue
Features medieval manuscript images from the Bodleian Library, Oxford, UK.

Devoted to collecting, storing and distributing digital images of Medieval manuscripts.

Medieval Manuscripts at the Syracuse University Library
The index to the Medieval Manuscripts provides links to pages, each with a brief description.

Nova Lost Empires – Medieval Seige
See how to build a trebuchet, learn about life in a castle and the medieval arms race. Interviews with specialists answer intriguing questions such as,” Did personal hygiene habits match the overall cleanliness level?” or,” What were sleeping arrangements like for all these people? Did families in the castle have private rooms?”

What Was it Really Like in The Middle Ages?
This is a great site for middle school or high school students. What was it really like in the Middle Ages? Short entries are provided with subjects like feudal life, religion, homes, health, and town life. There are always links if you should want more info. “Related Sources” offers more links to various medieval related websites.

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