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Create simple web pages that groups, friends, & families
can edit together.
Create simple web pages that groups, friends, & families can edit together.
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* [[Blogs]]
* [[Computer Skills]]
* [[Computers]]
* [[E-Books -> books.e-books]]
* [[Email]]
* [[Internet Security]]
* [[Invisible Web]]
* [[Web Design]]
* [[Web Directories and Search Engines]]
* [[Wireless Hotspots in Northampton -> Northampton.WiFi]]

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This page is a work in progress! Come back soon!

A web app is a computer application that you access online and runs in your web browser. You can use web apps from any computer with an internet connection without installing special software.

!! Recommended web apps
* [[FaxZERO -> http://faxzero.com/]]\\
Allows you to send two free faxes per day. Additional faxes can be sent for a small charge. Requires an email address.\\\

* [[Google Docs -> http://docs.google.com]]\\
Google Docs allows you to create, edit, and upload word processing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, and some other types of documents. This app is very easy to use, though some features present in desktop software are missing. Very good for group projects and collaborations. Requires a free Google account.\\\

* [[Microsoft Office Web Apps -> http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/web-apps/]]\\
A good alternative to Google Docs when compatibility with Microsoft file formats is essential. Requires a free Windows LiveID.\\\

* [[Photoshop Express Editor -> http://www.photoshop.com/tools/expresseditor?wf=editor]]\\
An all online photo editor. Allows cropping, rotating, resizing, color adjustments, retouching, effects, and annotations. No registration required.

!! [[#Social]] Social Networks

* '''Facebook.com'''\\
Social utility that connects you with the people around you.\\\

* '''Interactive One'''\\
"The largest, most active digital African-American network."\\\

* '''LinkedIn'''\\
Professional online networking site.\\\

* '''Myspace.com'''\\
International site that offers email, a forum, communities, videos and weblog space.\\\

* '''Ning'''\\
Can't find the social network for your needs? Create your own social networking site for anything.\\\

!! Wikis

* '''Pbworks.com'''\\
Free, hosted, password-protected wiki to edit and share information.\\\

* '''PmWiki'''\\
The wiki software used to create these subject guides. Highly customizable, but requires that you already have a web host.\\\

* '''Wikia'''\\
Create or contribute to a wiki on almost any topic.

* '''Wikispaces.com'''\\
Create simple web pages that groups, friends, & families
can edit together.

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This page is a work in progress! Come back soon!
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