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Susan Stinson: Writer-In-Residence (hide)

Forbes Library is proud to have Susan Stinson as our writer-in-residence. Susan volunteers numerous hours each week, creating and offering library programming including workshops for writers and special events.

Ongoing events include The Writing Room and the Local History/Local Novelists Series

General Writing Resources

  • The Purdue Online Writing Lab
    The Purdue Online Writing Lab offers a wealth of resources on topics such as teaching writing, creative writing, research, grammar, style guides, English as a second language, professional writing, and avoiding plagiarism. An excellent resource.

Academic Writing

  • Harvard College Writing Center
    The writing center has made its writing handouts available online. Topics include 'How to Read an Assignment', 'Moving from Assignment to Topic' 'How to Do a Close Reading', 'Essay Structure', and many more.

  • The Purdue Online Writing Lab
    We already mentioned this under general writing resources, but it is worth repeating here. A great resource.
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