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  • Northampton Media
    A local news site which strives to "dig deeply into city politics and deliver old-fashioned hard news in a way thatís colorful, lively, and new." Comments are allowed, and stories are often accompanied by lively discussions.

  • Paradise City Forum
    Using a website, live public forums, and a Yahoo! discussion group, the Paradise City Forum provides opportunities for sharing information and strategies; discussing public policy issues, decisions and events; and creating support networks for community action. The PCF is a proactive, non-partisan coalition working to maintain and improve the quality of life in Northampton, Florence, Leeds, and Bay State.

  • Hilltown Families
    Established in 2005, Hilltown Families is an online grassroots communication network based in Western Massachusetts serving families in the Pioneer Valley and surrounding communities. Hilltown Families works to identify, connect and create community based educational opportunities for children and families in the region and publishes a comprehensive list of Weekly Suggested Events highlighting events and resources in the area.

  • Hamp Scanner
    A Facebook page covering Northampton current events.

  • Visit, Everything about Northampton, MA
    Links to services and events in Northampton.

  • MassLive Northampton Forum
    Post your thoughts (or read others') on this never-dull online forum.

  • The NohoDome
    Jim Neill's blog about life in downtown Northampton

  • Northampton Community TV
  • Northampton Public Schools Superintendent blog
    Superintendent Brian L. Salzer shares information about the school system. Updated frequently.
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