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Books for Halloween selected by Jennifer Adams & Sandy Milenski. Summaries from ContentCafe. October 2010.

  • Aunt Dimity, Vampire Hunter
    by Nancy Atherton
    Concerned for her preschooler twins' safety in the face of tales about a pale, blood-stained figure lurking in the nearby woods, Lori consults with her not-quite-departed Aunt Dimity and stumbles upon the truth about a forty-year-old murder.
  • Dracula
    by Bram Stoker
    The classic tale of the bizarre Carpathian count, who drinks human blood to stay alive, and the Englishman who knows his secret.
  • Frankenstein
    by Mary Shelley
    Frankenstein assembles a human being from stolen body parts but; upon bringing it to life, he recoils in horror at the creature’s hideousness. Tormented by isolation and loneliness, the once-innocent creature turns to evil and unleashes a campaign of murderous revenge against his creator, Frankenstein.
  • Frankenstein: Lost Souls
    by Dean Koontz
    As Victor Leben, formerly Frankenstein, begins his work to create a race of superhumans, five people, including Victor's original creation, Deucalion, gather in a small Montana town to face dangers they have never known before in order to oppose Victor.
  • Ghost Road Blues
    by Jonathan Maberry.
    The residents of Pine Deep, while preparing for the country's largest Halloween celebration, come face-to-face with terror when the ancient evil that had wreaked bloody havoc on their town thirty years earlier returns, determined to brutally shred the souls of everyone in its path.
  • Headstone City
    by Tom Piccirilli.
    Returning home to Brooklyn after two years in prison to settle his accounts with both the living and the dead, Johnny "Dane" Danetello, a man with the psychic ability to see ghosts and to enter others' dreams, is headed for a reunion or a showdown with his old friend--and nemesis--Vinny Monticelli, a man with his own terrifying paranormal talents.
  • Heart-Shaped Box
    by Joe Hill
    A collector of obscure and macabre artifacts, from a cannibal cookbook to a used hangman's noose, unscrupulous metal band musician Judas Coyne is unable to resist purchasing a ghost over the Internet, which turns out to be the vengeful spirit of his late girlfriend's stepfather.
  • The Historian: A Novel
    by Elizabeth Kostova
    Discovering a medieval book and a cache of letters, a motherless American girl becomes the latest in a series of historians, including her late father, who investigates the possible surviving legacy of Vlad the Impaler, a quest that takes her across Europe and into the pasts of her father and his mentor.
  • Just After Sunset
    by Stephen King
    Call it dusk, call it twilight, it's a time when human intercourse takes on an unnatural cast, when nothing is quite as it appears, when the imagination begins to reach for shadows as they dissipate to darkness and living daylight can be scared right out of you. It's the perfect time for Stephen King.
  • The Keeper
    by Sarah Langan
    Once the local beauty, Susan Marley is now the local whore, prowling the dark streets of the dying town of Bedord, Maine, watching and waiting for something, tormented by nightmarish visions of violence and horror.
  • Mister B. Gone
    by Clive Barker
    A medieval devil speaks directly to the reader, his tone murderous one moment, seductive the next, in a memoir allegedly penned in the year 1438. The demon has embedded himself in the very words of this tale of terror, turning the book itself into a dangerous object, laced with menace only too ready to break free and exert its power. Printed on paper that has been treated to simulate aging.
  • The Strain
    by Guillermo del Toro & Chuck Hogan
    A vampiric virus infects New York and spreads outward, threatening the city and then the world, as a CDC doctor and a Holocaust survivor fight to save humanity.
  • The Tales of Edgar Allan Poe
    illustrated by Barry Moser
    An illustrated collection of stories by the well-known horror author, including "The Gold Bug," "The Tell-tale Heart," "The Fall of the House of Usher," and "The Pit and the Pendulum."
  • The Terror
    by Dan Simmons
    Captain Crozier must find a way for his crew to survive the deadly attacks of a mysterious and insatiable sea monster that is stalking the men trapped in the Arctic ice, in a novel loosely based on the mid-nineteenth-century Arctic expedition originally led by Sir John Franklin.
  • World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War
    by Max Brooks
    An account of the decade-long conflict between humankind and hordes of the predatory undead is told from the perspective of dozens of survivors--soldiers, politicians, civilians, and others--who describe in their own words the epic human battle for survival.

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