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Most of these sites are gateways to a universe of other websites, broad or specialized in any SF topic imaginable.

Alpha Ralpha Boulevard
Not being kept up to date very well, but this site still has many interesting links to other sites, and a good deal of author and illustrator information.

International Speculative Fiction Database
Hosted by Texas A&M, this extensive site is stuffed with information on authors, award winners, illustrators, magazines, statistics and secondary materials. The site is moving to a Wiki format which should add energy to the maintenance.

Locus Online
This is the online version of the major SF magazine, Locus. It doesn't duplicate the print version, but still is filled with news, commentary, author interviews, and more.

Science Fiction Studies
A great deal of scholarly and critical material created by the DePauw University SF program, this is a good place to look for academic material -- but, like the other recommended sites, it also has a section of great links to other websites.

SF Site
Best for its news of recent titles, and a huge collection of author website links, this also contains numerous other lists of links and sources.

Smith College is the host for this annual SF/Fantasy/Anime/Gaming convention with a female emphasis and lots of fun.

ACE Science Fiction Series
This site is great fun for anyone old enough to remember the Ace Doubles series starting in the 1950s and running for decades. A number of Ace Singles are here, too. Cover art is featured, but some have interesting background information.

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