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Science Fiction has changed enormously in the last several decades, probably more than any other fiction genre. Better writing and growing levels of sophistication have left the old Buck Rogers stereotypes far behind. Many kinds of SF have developed, often drawing on particular interests: sociology and anthropology, biotechnology, computers and their effects on society, alternate worlds, history, and more. The old drama, flair, and adventure still live on, especially in the "Space Opera" type of SF, but many works are thoughtful explorations of the human experience as it might be in various situations. Often, the Science has become unimportant, leading some writers and critics to suggest the term "speculative fiction" as a better name. Another change is a huge increase in the number of women writers (and readers), with an emphasis on social sciences and personal issues added to the "hard sciences."

If you already enjoy science fiction, we present these lists as possible reads or re-reads. If you think science fiction isn't for you, but haven't read any for a long time, try some of these books; titles marked "Starter" are especially suited for readers not used to SF conventions and techniques. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please stop by the Reference Desk!

The following booklists feature science fiction:

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