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The classic bicycle road racing book first published in 1978 chronicles a 150-kilometer European road race and its competitors in vivid, realistic detail.

Related Fiction

by Greg Moody
Will Ross, returns in another exciting cycling mystery. He is now retired from competition in Europe, and working for a bicycle maker in America. A thriller plot.

by Steven Havill
Estelle Reyes-Guzman has her hands full with her son scheduled for his first public piano concert on the same day as the Posadas County Hundred Mile Race, when she and the former sheriff find the body of one of the top racers.

by Earl Emerson
Heading for the mountains for a cycling trip, Zak Polanski and his friends are terrorized by a jealous former boyfriend, but when one of the stalker's friends falls to his death, Zak and his companions struggle to get off the mountain alive.

by Greg Garrett
Brad Cannon wrote a Civil War bestseller five years ago; since then, hasn't written a word. Instead, he spends his days bicycling along hot Texas roads, eating chicken-fried steak with his baseball-philosopher buddies, and courting a series of women whose lives he seems to drift in and out of like the tide.

by Ron McLarty
Working as a quality control inspector at a toy factory in Rhode Island, friendless alcoholic Smithy Ide considers himself a loser until a tragic event prompts him to set off on an epic cross-country bicycle journey that promises him a final chance to become the man he has always wanted to be.

Related Non-Fiction

by Martin Dugard
A guide to the 2005 Tour de France covering the teams involved, the strategies of the riders, the enthusiasm of the fans, the inner workings of the media covering the event, and the determination and courage of the winning American cyclist.

by Todd Balf
A portrait of turn-of-the-twentieth-century cyclist Major Taylor, America's first great African-American sports celebrity, describes his remarkable sports career, his virtuous and devout lifestyle, and his competition with such white rivals as Floyd McFarland.

by John Wilcockson
A day-by-day account of the historic 2004 Tour de France goes inside Lance Armstrong's successful bid for a sixth consecutive crown in the grueling race, combining profiles of the key contenders in the race with detailed descriptions of the geographical locales in which each day's challenge takes place, a look at how competitors prepare, their training regimens, and more.

by Joe Kurmaskie
Forty essays describe the author's cycling experiences, including five cross-country trips, and meeting a variety of unusual people along the way.

by Michael Barry

by Tim Moore
An amateur's account of how he followed the route of the Tour de France shortly before the big event documents his resolve to complete all 2,256 miles and his encounters with some of the race's top heroes, including Lance Armstrong.

by Mike Magnuson
A competitive bicycler describes his years of overeating, drinking, and smoking; his decision to lose weight and break his unhealthy habits; his biking club training; and his triumphant rise to a racing-level cyclist.

Movies & Music & More

Based on the true story of Scottish cyclist Graeme Obree. Despite modest beginnings and a lifelong battle with bipolar disorder, this tenacious and resourceful competitor pedaled his way into history. In 1993, Obree designed and built a bicycle from scrap metal and washing machine parts. Pitted against top competitors in a high-profile race, he broke the world record - only to have his title stripped later in a storm of controversy.

Twentieth Century Fox ; produced and directed by Peter Yates written by Steve Tesich
Bloomington, Ind.'s youth are split between the students at Indiana University and the locals, derogatorily called "cutters" by the collegians in reference to the town's major industry, a quarry. A marvelously staged climactic bike race brings things to a touching close.

Warner Bros. Inc.
American Flyers takes you on the road for exciting world-class cycling competition as two brothers struggle to win a race and to regain the respect and affection they once shared.


The Journal of competitive cycling.

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Erik Weijers discusses Krabbé's made up word Battoowoo Greekgreek.

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