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If you liked ''Outwitting History'...

XHHRC.W541b 2005

A humorous history of the Yiddish language from the Middle Ages to today, traces the origins of numerous veryday terms while offering insight into Yiddish relationshipswith nature, sex, food, and more.

Linguist Dovid Katz provides a wholly enjoyable and many-faceted history of Yiddish and clearly explicates how it helped shape, and was shaped by, Jewish culture.

ZM.B29g 1999

A celebration of the fine and increasingly popular art of book collecting offers a comprehensive and delightfully anecdotal account of the history of book preservation and cllection and its eccentric, gifted, and obsessed practitioners, including Aaron Lansky.

YF 2004

Two octogenarian antiquarian booksellers, friends and business partners for fifty years, reflect on their career as literary detectives searching out rare books, including their landmark discovery of the pseudonymous works of Louisa May Alcott.

ER7235.A 2001

The rare book dealers who delighted readers with the history of their bookselling days in Old Books, Rare Friends now offer the other side of their story--an intimate look at the joys of a relationship that has lasted more than half a century.

ESe69.G578o 2002

Looks at the life and times of Michael Servetus, a freethinking sixteenth-century scientist and theologian who authored a work of biblical scholarship that refuted orthodox Christianity, which led to his execution for heresy.


In Bradbury's future, books are illegal and happily so--citizens are too busy watching their wall-sized televisions and listening to their in-ear "seashell" radios to care about the loss of good literature. Guy Montag begins the novel as a fireman who enforces the temperature of the title--that at which books burn--but then transforms and tries to show is society the mistake of censorship.

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