Walter E. Corbin Collection at the Forbes Library: Northampton, Massachusetts
Walter E. Corbin: Postcards

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Access Conditions Although there are no general restrictions to access, the material is fragile and its use is governed by the archivist.
Archivist Matthew A. Brown, MLS.
Creator Corbin, Walter E.
Collection Walter E. Corbin Collection
Abstract Sub-series E1 is a collection of postcards, which are arranged according to a numerical index designed by Walter Corbin. The postcards came to the Forbes Library in envelopes marked, "Tercentenary History Book Committee c/o The Hampshire Book shop, Northampton, Massachusetts."
Sub-series E2 is a collection of postcards arranged according to Corbin's numerical index. Although, these postcards came to the Forbes Library in envelopes marked with the return address, "Forbes Library, Northampton, Mass."
Sub-series E3 is a collection of postcards that arrived at Forbes Library in 1973 as a gift from a patron living in Virginia.
Sub-series E4 is a collection of postcards that were stored in an envelope marked, "Smith College W.S.S. Committee.
Sub-series E5 is a collection of postcards wrapped in paper. Corbin's initials are written on some of the papers. Some of the papers have the date in which the postcards were taken.
Language English
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Object ID Series E
Object Name Postcard
Title Walter E. Corbin: Postcards
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